Monday, May 14, 2012

brunch in brief

Look, today is just one of those days where I'm not going to make it out of my rain boots and in to real, appropriate work shoes. I woke up on the petulant side of the bed, and, it's cold as the arctic in my office. So, the boots stay.

This grumbly, grumpy, rainy Monday mood means, lucky for you, I'm not really feeling very verbose when it comes to recapping the Mother's Day brunch Neha and I had yesterday (sans Mothers). We decided that since sadly we couldn't be with our families, we'd still celebrate. With bellinis and obscenely unhealthy food. Why not?

Having just declared my need to acquire non-buttery hobbies, I felt a fleeting moment of guilt as I drenched sugary dough in copious melted butter, then coated it with more sugar, then rolled it all up, cut it into tiny slices, and pressed them in to muffin tins filled with, cover your ears kids, more sugar and butter. But then Neha arrived and shoved a bubbly bellini into my hand and my guilt dissolved as I attended to the bacon sizzling, the potatoes browning, and the eggs scrambling on the stove.

It was all delicious. Even if we gained five pounds in one sitting. If you, too, have a butter problem, head on over to the "LKTC-tested recipes" page, where you'll find the sticky pecan mini-bun recipe, amongst dozens of others that call for at least a stick of butter. Then, we can all go shopping together for new pants.   

The Non-Mother's Day brunch spread

Pioneer Woman's Sticky Pecan Mini Buns
No, I do not wonder why my pants don't fit anymore...

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