Monday, June 20, 2011

these boots are made for walkin'

navigating Venetian acqua alta in my beloved colorful Pucci rainboot

the even more beloved bright pink hunter wellies that have since replaced the Pucci pair

Today didn't have a lot of things going for it.  My apartment felt empty after the departure of my family. It was raining torrentially when I woke up.  Said wake-up did not happen in a punctual fashion as I forgot to set my alarm last night.  I left my coffee on my kitchen counter when I made a mad dash for the bus.  My linen dress resembled an accordion after approximately an hour (note to self: stop buying linen). Tough life, I know.   

Enter my shiny pink wellies.  I'm not typically the kind of girl to go walking around the city smiling.  Maybe at home I would, but around here, I think people just look at you like perhaps they need to remove all sharp objects from your general vicinity (especially if you're walking around smiling in driving wind/rain/snow). But these wellies put a definitive spring in my step, and a (small) smile on my face, torrential downpours and all. And it never fails--any time I wear the pink wellies, I get a lot of commentary from the peanut gallery. (Notes to peanut gallery: yep, they're pink.  Bright pink.  I knew that when I bought them.  I meant to do it.  I love them.)

Now, I've gotten a lot of random comments (see: notes to peanut gallery), but today was the first time anyone has broken out in song upon seeing my pink rain boots.  As I rounding the corner towards home, I heard someone belting out "these boots are made for walking."  I was honestly rendered speechless.  I mean, how do you respond to that? Not to worry, he just kept singing as I walked past.   

I trudged home in the suddenly sunny, humid afternoon, feeling a little less of a spring in my step now that the wellies were totally out of place.  I decided steak and potatoes were the solution to the late-breaking case of the Mondays that had settled in post-lunch.  When that didn't quite do the job, I decided to follow it up with a dessert of chocolate teddy grahams dipped in vanilla ice cream.  Genius if I do say so myself.  

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