Monday, June 6, 2011

brain dead

I have no pictures of my first dinner in the LKTC post-vacation.  This is because a)it wasn't even close to pretty and b)I got home in a state of frightening hunger, and I just didn't feel like risking starvation in the name of blog photography.   

Today just plain kicked me in the behind.  I would be over the moon if I were on the dock at the lake fishing (hence the wistful/nostalgic picture).  Instead, I woke up before 6 am, drove out to Ft. Belvoir (~20 miles away, but a one hour trek each way), filled out a lifetime's worth of paperwork, drove to Crystal City and filled out even more paperwork while enduring a day's worth of vague/pointless briefings, then finally drove home (which took 45 minutes.  I can't even talk about it yet).  

See, I really, really abhor driving.  Especially when it is traffic-tastic and/or I don't know where I'm going.  Both of said conditions were present today.  And I had to pay $20 to park in Crystal City.  Which pretty much just did not even phase me, I was so drained by that point.

So by the time I walked in the door to my already messy apartment, I just stepped right out of my shoes, threw my jacket somewhere near the shoes, dropped my tote bag (with copious paperwork) in the vicinity of the couch, and headed straight for sustenance.  

And now I am sitting amongst the piles of mail and paperwork and I can't even turn on the tv.  I am so tired of hearing people speak...I swear I almost spontaneously combusted at some point today during all the briefings.  Clearly my attention span has waned significantly since college.  Luckily, I managed to avoid creating a scene (cue self-congratulatory pat on the back for maintaining adult-like composure).  

As I sit here all but brain dead and exhausted, I'm left wondering what became of my glorious week off.  It ended in spectacular fashion with my second farewell happy hour and a wine festival.  I'm particularly bad at saying goodbye, so the farewell event was a bit tough, but it was very sweet of everyone to come send me off.  I'm particularly good at drinking wine, and the weather on Saturday was beyond perfect, so that definitely temporarily took my mind off of being sad about saying goodbye to my old office.

Now I'm going to go to do some yoga (and/or have a drink) to mentally prepare myself for another long day of briefings and paperwork tomorrow.  I'll be the one quietly repeating "you wanted this wanted this"

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