Tuesday, June 28, 2011

for a rainy day

long before the "someday file" actually existed, i think this chocolate hazelnut mousse cake was in it

My discovery of the blog "Dinner: a Love Story" happily coincided with my pledge to give up eating out for Lent. Not only did I try a handful of their recipes, but I really associated with some of the sentiments they articulate with respect to getting dinner on the table frequently. Along those lines, the woman has a "someday file"--the mental list of all the dishes she'd make if the culinary stars aligned.  

It reminded me of the list of things (not mental, but jotted down and pinned to my fridge by my magnetic kitchen timer) I would miss most during Lent.  I wanted to master those dishes, both to distract myself from my restaurant withdrawals and to feel some small sense of kitchen-based accomplishment previously lacking in the LKTC. 

Unlike the Dinner: a Love Story bloggers, my "someday" recipes seem pedestrian, and my excuses for averting my eyes from the list some nights were pretty weak.  They, after all, have picky kids to contend with, and that trumps my laziness any day. 

Fortunately there were at least a few things on the list that I conquered, thanks in equal part to the ideas in their post and to my self-generated guilt.  So while the "patas bravas" and "drunken noodle" bullets still mock me from their positions on the list, there are surprising number of things I at least attempted.  There was the bolognese/bread night, the buttermilk biscuit/meatball day, and the successful chicken korma re-creation (that eventually followed the afore-linked cooking class).

The someday file for the LKTC is a little neglected, both in terms of supplying new recipes and bringing them to fruition. In fact, I'm eating pasta with peas as I type this, and if that doesn't put the italics on my point on the necessity of cracking open the file, I don't know what does.  

I'll get right on that...after my long-weekend adventures...

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