about the LKTC

This is the first little kitchen that could, where it all started:

This is the LKTC that I now own(!):

This is where I live (for now):

And this is me:

Until approximately February 2011, all I ever ate was take-out or this: 

But then I gave up eating out for Lent.  There were some disasters, a few success stories, and a new tradition or two. Although I occasionally revert to my old ways, the adventure has continued long beyond the end of Lent. You should be warned that I'm guilty of rambling about anything that crosses my mind, my desk, and/or my path. Occasionally I have a point, but I make no promises. 

I like my coffee black, my wine dry, and my food spicy, but won't touch raw tomatoes, smelly cheese, or avocados. I occasionally dabble in vegetarianism, and often share snacking preferences with elementary-aged children. I am essentially a nutritionist's worst nightmare, and a very hesitant entrant to this world of home cooking. 

The times I lived in this beautiful place explain my proclivity for bottomless pasta, perfect cappuccinos, and adventurous weekend train trips. It is also the source of my seemingly endless nostalgia, and I think about going back every day. 

If you happen to be in to my self-deprecating, sarcastic, overly talkative ways, you can get more over on twitter and/or Pinterest (both of which I'm just now re-exploring).