Friday, May 11, 2012

funky cookies

I by no means consider myself a total downer, but I am more of a realist/cynic than I am an optimist. Lately, though, I've been so bouncy and optimistic that I barely recognized myself. I'm honestly not even sure what brought it on, maybe my lingering infatuation with my new neighborhood? But yesterday, I came crashing back down to earth, my hot air balloon of optimism having been rapidly deflated. I also can't really pinpoint the force behind the sudden funk, but by the time I left work, I was really grumpy. I abandoned any intentions of being social, and headed straight for the kitchen, which is where I usually go to work that sort of mood out of my system.

Having scored a giant bag of chocolate chips for free using a birthday coupon at World Market, I decided to try a my hand at these triple chocolate espresso cookies. I tend to bake best when stressed, and, this recipe is basically butter, sugar, and chocolate, so my expectations were pretty high.

Fortunately, a glass of wine and a few of the cookies (consumed warm out of the oven) at least temporarily soothed my mysterious case of the blahs. All was almost lost when I switched Kitty the Kitchenaid stripper on not realizing the bowl wasn't locked in to place. Luckily my new kitchen did not end up bathed in chocolate. If there's one upside to a tiny space, it's that you're always within arms reach of just about everything, including a bowl full of batter that's about to careen off the counter.

Anyways, I'm happy to report that the cookies are as good the next day as they are straight out of the oven. Turns out they're only a temporary mood booster, though, as I still seem to be feeling a bit off, but I think that just means I need to eat more of them, right? 

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