Sunday, May 6, 2012

i walk the line

Or rather, the muffins I made this weekend do. The line between "cupcake" and "muffin," that is. I've had my eye on this recipe for coffee cake muffins since I first saw it last fall, but didn't find an excuse, or the time, to give it a try until this past Saturday, which offered a plethora of reasons to celebrate via sugary cupcakes/muffins. The derby, Cinco de Mayo, friends' birthdays, and the annual open house of dozens of foreign embassies in DC...take your pick. Any, if you ask me, is worthy of these little guys. 

Since I failed to take a photo, I borrowed this one

I really hope you have a reason to make these yourselves soon. They're really, really good. Like "wake up at 2 am for a snack and beeline for these" good (what, you don't do that?) My ignorance to general baking/cooking chemistry means I'm not quite sure what the key ingredient or ratio is, but I'm too busy stuffing my face to question it. 

As previously noted, the muffins are definitely toeing the line between breakfast and dessert. The brown sugar crumble that sits in the middle and on top of the muffin is distinctly breakfasty. But the springy, light texture of the muffin itself has a bit of a vanilla cupcake way about it.

Serendipitously, though, I think that's the perfect type of thing to bake for a day like Saturday that is also having a bit of an identity crisis. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend of celebrations, too. I'm off to have dinner on the roof deck with a friend, who is bringing me the best housewarming gift yet: dinner itself!       

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