Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tour: part II

A couple weeks ago, I subjected you to a whole bunch of wide angle snapshots of my place that were from the the real estate listing, and promised that we'd eventually get around to the "after" photos. Well, I imagine I'll never be fully done decorating and tweaking, so I give you what I consider the "in progress" pictures, juxtaposed with the "before" in each room. 

Although we haven't yet reached my next busy month at work (that joyous time will come in July), things are really hectic this week, so for now, here are more pictures than I imagine you ever cared to see... 

the floor plan again for reference

entry-way, super-stretchy

the red front door is maybe one of my favorite parts {note, the bench is now painted black, which makes it fit in much better}

new console table + housewarming peace lily from my grandparents, aunt, and uncle in GA

the pre-move-in living room

front right corner of the dining/living area

front left corner of the dining/living area

back corner of dining/living area

pre-move-in bedroom

post-move-in bedroom...needs work!

right hand side of the bedroom

the entrance of the bedroom {and all of the photos I need to hang}

the closet, which fulfills my dream of all of my clothing and shoes "living" together in the same place

nice, but very stark pre-move-in bathroom

in-progress bathroom {the bottom half of the wall will be stenciled with script}

So, if you're at all curious, the paint in the entry-way and dining/living area is Benjamin Moore's "Wheeling Neutral," the bedroom and bathroom are painted in BM's "Timber Wolf," and the door is decked out in BM's "Heritage Red." My bed is from Anthropologie, the linens are Pottery Barn, and the shower curtain is from World Market. Pretty much every other piece of furniture I have is from a little antique store near my parents' house or from Home Goods. 

I case it wasn't painfully obvious, I'm still absolutely in love with my new little home. Hope you enjoyed the grand tour: round II. 

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