Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"we can pack dirt"

For someone whose family has moved roughly six times (so far), I'm horribly averse to the whole ordeal, especially because all of my Arlington moves thus far were within the same building, rendering packing unnecessary. Thankfully my mom swept in to town last Tuesday, and helped me pack up my life. In the event you haven't met me, or haven't set foot in my many apartments, I have a lot of stuff. Not quite hoarders level or anything, but let's just say no shelf or closet goes unused in my life.

So while I grew annoyed/weary/frustrated at the seemingly multiplying possessions in my old Arlington apartment, Mom was an indefatigable force of bubble wrap, packing paper, and organization. In a day and a half span, we managed to box up everything in my life, including a planter that had, you guessed it, dirt, still in it, stopping pretty much only for food, more supplies, and sleep. Then, Friday morning, three guys from "Two Guys and a Truck" (yes, I was also confused by the math there) showed up, and spirited away every last thing (save for my clothes). 

Even though turning over full control of my possessions to strangers was stressful, the fact that my parents and I barely had to lift a finger thanks to the movers was easily the best decision we made throughout the entire move. Even when some jerk parked in the "emergency no parking zone" in front of my DC apartment, partially blocking the moving truck's access to the loading dock, I barely flinched. I just called to have him towed, and carried on pointing out where I wanted my various pieces of furniture to go. 

By lunch time Friday, the movers were gone, and Mom, Dad, and I were left with dozens of boxes to unpack, pictures to hang, walls to paint, and decisions to make. Several trips to the local True Value hardware were involved, and the weekend was a flurry of little projects and closet/pantry/shelving logistics. I sitll don't technically own the apartment, but that's another story for another post, because I'm still exhausted by the whole adventure. I now have internet in my life again, so expect prolific posts with before and after photos and the like. For now, though, here is my move in photos, mostly captured by my Mom, who is a closet paparazzi-corps member.     

This literally isn't even the half of it...
Basement staging area

Leaving the old apartment behind
Unloading at the new apartment
Mom had plenty of time to capture this moment, given my herculean struggle with the 100 year old lock
Weary from the move (and still ignorant to the fact that all the boards my Dad is holding are the wrong size)

Trip #3 to True Value
I love having a neighborhood hardware store  (and dry cleaner, and liquor store, and grocery, and...)
Celebratory "we survived!" prosecco

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