Sunday, May 27, 2012

the anti-bbq

What better timing could I ask for than to share a birthday with a long holiday weekend every year? While I'm not off at the beach or the lake, I'm enjoying a little staycation in DC, full of random things like a new favorite cookie recipe, concerts by the water, furniture painting, pool time, and cookouts with friends. If I can't be celebrating with my family at the OBKB lodge, I think this is a pretty good back up series of festive events. And, I kind of feel like they're here in spirit since they so sweetly sent a dozen cupcakes for me to enjoy with my friends this weekend!  

I'm sure you're all equally occupied with inaugural summer activities, so here's quick little red curry recipe to whip up when you've tired of burgers and beer. Actually, it goes pretty well with beer. 

Anyways, I started with this recipe, but ended up just adding enough curry paste and coconut milk until I liked the taste and consistency. I tossed in red peppers, carrots, and green beans as the sauce was simmering, and ultimately mixed it all together with basmati rice and some fried tofu. It doesn't have the same complex flavors of restaurant curry, but it's a perfect quick weeknight concoction for when you're short of time (and funds).

Happy Memorial Day to all of you (and happy birthday weekend to me)!     

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