Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tipsy risotto

Yesterday, as you might remember, was a "didn't make it out of rainboots" day. When I woke up to the sound of rain torrentially assaulting the DC area this morning, I decided today would follow suit. Luckily my boss is ten times quirkier than me, and thinks I look "just adorable!" 

Because I was in such a weird/petulant/lazy mood yesterday, I was really struggling to come up with something, anything I wanted to cook for Monday dinner. This isn't a problem I have often, because I have a Pinterest board brimming with earmarked recipes, and I cook maybe three nights a week maximum. But, I realized that normal people who cook most of their meals must feel like that all the time. This is why my main splurge if I win the lottery is going to be hiring a chef. Well, that and commissioning a high-speed cruise ship/train hybrid so I never have to fly anywhere again. 

Anyways, I was apparently so pleased with myself for finally picking a recipe to try that, in my excitement, I dashed out of the office and left my umbrella sitting at my desk. Let me tell you, I love my bright pink wellies, but I feel awfully stupid splashing through puddles in them while my upper half gets soaked from the driving rain. I mean really, who remembers her wellies and forgets her umbrella? I felt like people I passed on the sidewalk were really confused. Then again maybe they were reacting to my suddenly crazy hair that sprang to wavy attention in the humid rain. It was a really attractive look for me is what I'm saying. 

But back to dinner. For whatever reason, the idea of red wine risotto popped in to my head. Don't ask me how or why, as I didn't even really know such a thing existed. Google informed me that yes, it does exist, and that Giada De Laurentiis makes a pretty tasty one. Sold!

I love pretty much anything with butter, onions, garlic, and carbs (not to mention wine), so I suspected this would be one of the exceptions to my weird "I don't enjoy things I cook" quirk. Fortunately, that inclination was spot on, and Sophie and I both had seconds as we watched far more trashy tv than one should ever admit to viewing. Much like last Monday's stir fry, I'm actually excited to delve in to the leftovers for lunch. I lead a super-glamorous life, clearly.

{Ps-It was easy to make as far as risotto goes, just some stirring here and there. I couldn't find parsley at the grocery by my house, and I generally loathe the stuff, so I skipped out on that. I also don't care much for cheese, so I put it on the table and Sophie stirred it in to hers, but I skipped out all together. I know most of you are probably shaking your heads right now, but, I thought it was insanely creamy even without the cheese. See, doesn't it look just fine, even sans-cheese? I thought so.} 

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