Monday, May 7, 2012

a (wide angle) tour

Ok, so, I have nothing new or exciting on the cooking front after yesterday's ramblings on the muffin/cupcake adventures. Hopefully I'll find some magical source of energy between now and quitting time, and will turn out something worth mentioning for dinner tonight. Until then, though, I figured it was time for a whole bunch of photos of the new place. These are all photos from the listing, and were mostly taken with a wide angle lens (it's surprisingly difficult to capture 850 square feet on film without such measures). I've since painted all but the kitchen, and (obviously) moved all my belongings in, as well as hung pictures and the like, so it looks a bit different now. But, it's been weird and overcast in DC lately, so I'm holding off on taking the "in progress" shots until it's sunny. Anyways, here's a little tour through the eyes of the listing agent's photographer!

You've seen this snapshot of the building's exterior before, I think, from my mourning of "the one that got away." Have we talked about how the one that got away came back? I can't remember. You'll hear the whole story soon, I promise. For now, join me in admiring its pre-war stately appearance...

This is, clearly, the little lobby. The desk is manned during the day by a couple of characters who'll give you your newspaper or packages.


This is maybe the weirdest wide angle shot of them all. It's my entryway. So if you were to walk in the front door, you'd be staring at that weird circular art the staging company put up. The open door on the far left is the bedroom, and the open door on the far right is the bedroom. The closed door on the near left is the bathroom, and the open door on the near right is the kitchen. My rough little hand-drawn floor plan is directly after the weird entry way snapshot (and yes, I'm totally an aspiring artist. How did you guess?).

The living area is narrow, but long-ish, and I'm happy to report that it comfortably accommodates all of my prior living/dining room furniture. As you well know by now, I'm a pack rat/future hoarder, so the idea of getting rid of any given piece really didn't sit well with me. 

And, as you've already seen, the new LKTC!

The bathroom is long and narrow, but has nice tile and newish fixtures. Oh and the tub is huge!

Speaking of huge, the bedroom, as you probably  noticed on the floor plan, is the major square footage hog in this apartment. It's the room that needs the most work on my part right now because it's feeling a little empty and cavernous. That door on the far wall is my closet, which as my mother says, and as you'll see, "is worth the purchase price all by itself."

Right hand side of the closet:

And the left:

Finally, a feature almost as welcome as a walk-in closet...a roof deck!

So, that's my little nest. I'm still absolutely in love with it, even though I'm quickly realizing life with window units is just a littttle bit different in DC summers than life with central AC.

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