Sunday, June 17, 2012

boozy bread

First of all, happiest  father's day to my awesome Dad, who is the most patient dude around. I wish I were home to celebrate with the family, but long distance calls and gifts will have to do this year (not quite as cool as attending the US Open together last father's day...!). 

love you, and your 80s aviators!

This weekend was the worst kind ever for productivity. After a couple of boiling hot, oppressively humid weekends, this weekend saw two straight days of highs topping off in the 80s and no noticeable humidity. That make for the kind of days when you just want to give your city a big hug and take a million cliche monument+blue sky photos. It's almost enough to make you forget that weekend track work on the metro made your 20 minute trip last for an hour, or that you just spent 50 bucks on one round at a pretentious bar. These are the good days, the days you don't quite worry so much about your dead end job and your mortgage.  

the only photo I snapped on this gorgeous weekend (but you totally get the idea)!

Anyways, naturally the long days with perfect weather make things like living at the pool and/or on a rooftop bar far more appealing than the 200 pages of international relations theory reading that needs to get done before work tomorrow.

So after two days in a row of (responsible) roasting in the sun, instead of coming home and reading, I came home and tried a new banana bread recipe. Normally this one is my go-to, but this one was introduced so convincingly on a blog I read that I wanted to see if it was better than mine. Like I said a few weeks ago, I need to be more conscious of trying new versions of recipes. May be a disaster, but I also may find my new go-to.

The whole adventure nearly was a disaster, as my little sun-fried brain full-on melted the butter instead of softening it. I decided "hmm, might as well see if you can cream melted butter and sugar." Ahem, I think the recipe says "soften" for a reason, because my experiment was a grainy, gritty failure. Into the trash it went, and out came another 1/2 cup of sugar and another 1/2 stick of butter (I was making a half batch). Then, my hand apparently had some butter left on it, because I nearly hurled the entire batch of batter into the sink instead of the prepared loaf pan. Somehow it all made it in to the oven, and not my garbage disposal. As it was baking, it smelled like the most amazing mix of bread and bourbon EVER. 

The loaf itself is still cooling, but I snuck a few crumbles, and it's pretty amazingly tasty. In a very admirable attempt to further delay reading for class tomorrow, I also penciled in some laundry time and decided to make the red wine risotto from a successful Monday dinner past (one new recipe a day is plenty, thanks!).      

mine never does end up looking like this snapshot from the recipe...

Maybe now I'll get on to that extremely compelling reading...after I sit on the roof deck for a while...

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