Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"it's monday, man...

 ...'stuff' happens..." said the guy who happened to walk by me yesterday as I dropped my entire just-purchased solo espresso macchiato on the sidewalk. I think he felt compelled to say something because I was just standing there staring at the mess I'd made, lip trembling, I'm sure (which was more out of guilt for dirtying the sidewalk than out of annoyance for having just wasted something in the neighborhood of $2.50). At that point I kind of just had to smile, pick up the coffee cup that had jumped out of my hand, and agree with him. Then I had to trudge back to Starbucks, sheepishly hold up the sad little cup that was dirtied, emptied, and dented from the forceful fall from my apparently useless left hand. The saving grace of the whole clumsy debacle was that somehow my pristine white work dress, one of my favorites, was entirely spared every last drop of flying coffee. 

If only I'd had this view as I dropped my coffee...

So while I managed to preserve my dress, get to class on time, and actually participate in the discussion in some sort of intelligent fashion, I settled for a dinner of Cheetos and wine instead of cooking anything when I got home. Well, actually, in the spirit of sounding slightly less like a boozing 12 year old, I had a dinner of organic white cheddar cheese puffs and wine. 

I suppose there's really no glamorizing that, is there? 

I hope to do some cooking this week, as my kitchen misses me, and my wallet is getting a bit too light. Then again, it's supposed to be painfully hot, so, let's not set our expectations too high here. Either way, until I do try something new, here's the link to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite regular features on Food52, "Jenny's in the Kitchen."

While I obviously am immediately drawn to this blogger based on our shared possession of one of the most popular names from the 1980s and the fact that we both live in (and love/hate) DC, what I like most is her writing style. She nails the extremely difficult task of being clever but succinct. I generally aspire to be, but fail miserably at, both, which I think lends me special skill in appreciating the quality in others. The recipes she features are pretty awesome, too, but I'm mostly in it for the prose. Here's one of my favorites.

It's tough to single out just one part, but this little section might be my favorite, perhaps because I can completely relate to her bemoaning of trivial aspects of District life:

"A few hours later, chilled tart in hand, I trotted off to Bethesda for dinner at M & A’s house, during which I explained that I probably was going to have to relocate soon because there are no left turn lanes in DC and I’d recently seen a grown man carrying his MetroCard around his neck. They patiently pressed their case for DC, explaining we would have a good bakery in Farragut Square any day now."   

Until I have something new/clever/succinct of my own to say, I'll leave you with the first of what I trust will be many examples, from Jenny and others, of things I wish I'd written.    

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