Friday, June 1, 2012

battling summer (school)

I'm not taking too well to this summer thing DC is doing right now. I really should go live in, I don't know, San Diego, or something, because I pretty much only enjoy the weather here for about four weeks of the year (the ones when we toy with the idea of spring and fall). The rest of the time, I'm either one giant goose bump, or about to stroke out from heat exhaustion. For some reason, it seems especially bad this summer (note: it's not even actually summer yet, Lord help us all). Yesterday I was so tired, hot, and accidentally dehydrated that I could not even conjure the energy to shower or leave the apartment after work, and had to turn down a family friend's invite to Wolfgang Puck's "The Source." I know.

On top of all the oppressive heat, I think another part of the problem is that I've been enjoying my new apartment a little too much. It's close to everything, which gives me the impression I can actually DO everything. Couple that invincible attitude with my recent birthday celebration that spanned, well, far too many days, and I'm beat.

So, I haven't been cooking hardly at all. Instead, I've been subsisting mostly on total crap food. In an attempt to reform my behavior, I went so far as to start mixing up some sauce for kung pao chicken last night, and realized I was so hot and tired that food seemed repulsive.

As much as I'd like to think I'll actually successfully get back in the LKTC some time soon, I know better. I'm headed to my cousin's wedding in Colorado next week, and Monday of this coming week, I start a grad school class! Yes, that's right, this slacker is going back to school (and she's terrified that her brain has totally atrophied since she last set foot in a classroom). I'm headed to Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies a couple nights a week, which is either going to be awesome, or a total disaster in terms of my work/life/happy hour balance. Either way, I suspect I'll be eating far fewer healthy, normal dinners than usual. 

Which brings me to this cool link I found on NPR's food blog not too long ago. It's a junk food tracker that shows eating habits around the world based on time of day. Green is healthy, red is junky. The later in the day it gets, America is coated in red. I suspect there's an extra large red dot over DC for which I'm to blame...

ps-that's a corner of my desk at work, decked out thanks to my sister, who got me not one, but two awesome birthday cards (please note that the one on the right says "i'm sorry, i just please need you to shut up for one minute...") and sent me that cute magnet and photo of us with our dad at Thanksgiving this past fall. Aside from a temperamental bamboo plant, these are really the only personal things I have since my team gets moved around so often. I love them! 

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