Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi friends, sorry for going radio silent this past week. Life got a little crazy to put it mildly. Plus, my family just got back from a trip out west for my cousin's wedding in Denver. Speaking of my cousin, this is maybe one of my favorite pictures ever of the two of us, snapped on the family farm in Michigan. 

Anyways, now that I've put that horrible flying business behind me (at least for now), we'll get back to my regularly scheduled rambling any day now.  Until then, here are some pretty pictures of mountains to distract you. 

And, bonus!, here's a shot of the 45 pound, 4 month old wild animal that some moron had on a leash (like it was a normal pet!) at the nail place where the ladies were getting dolled up on Friday before the rehearsal dinner. It looked both terrified and ready to pounce. So, so weird to see in suburban Denver. 

ps-I think it's so funny that when people find out I'm terrified of flying, their first instinct is to say "oh, you'd have hated this one flight I was on....," clearly gearing up to impart some horror story about landing gear failure or extreme turbulence. I always want to hold up my hand and say "was it on an airplane? then yep, you're right, I would've hated it. No details necessary, really." 

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