Friday, June 22, 2012


Apparently in the four years since I was last in school, I have completely forgotten everything about how to study. Well, everything save procrastination, which is a skill I fear I'll never be able to shake. So I'm in a state of perma-stress about my upcoming exam, which I fear will kick my butt at best, and lead to me failing my first class ever (IN MY LIFE) at worst. 

At this point, life is clearly divided into two separate periods: life before midterm, and life after midterm. LAM cannot come soon enough, and will involve things like weekend beach trips, July 4th parties, and general denial that LAM still requires me to complete voluminous readings for upcoming classes, to write a paper (in teams), and to take a final exam, all within four weeks. (Note to self: YOU were the one who thought this was a good idea. Remember that). 

To dull the pain of all of the above, LAM is also going to involve a lot of these "adult popsicles," which I first saw on Endless Simmer

strawberry peach vodka popsicles, photo and recipe here

watermelon mojito popsicles, photo and recipe here

I'll let you know how they turn out (although honestly, how not-awesome could these possibly be?)! Also, if you happen to be a friend or family member I haven't called (back) in days, a meal I haven't cooked, a kitchen I haven't cleaned, an email I haven't answered, or a plan I haven't made, I promise, I'll be all over it once LAM commences. 

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