Saturday, October 1, 2011

days 1 & 2

If I weren't completely exhausted, I'd be subjecting you to a lengthy recap of our first two days on the road. But, we've made it to Nashville, and while the city is on Central time, my body is still on Eastern time. I know it's only an hour difference, but it feels like a lot more than that. So, instead, here's a quick overview.

Day 1: DC to NC
-stayed at: my parents' house
-ate at: Subway for dinner on the road (we got a late start) 

Day 2: NC to Nashville
-staying at: Hampton Inn in Bellvue
-ate at: my parents' for breakfast, Books and Breadboard in Asheville for lunch, and Morell's in Nashville for dinner

Here are a few snapshots from along the way. A full on photo barrage will be coming at you probably at the conclusion of the trip.

Kicking off day two

At Books and Breadboard in Asheville

First state sign we've managed to capture

Wandering around Nashville

Preview of our time in Vegas

Beautiful chandelier we found in the Symphony hall in Nashville

Off to bed...more coherent thoughts tomorrow, I hope. 

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