Friday, September 30, 2011

meet sally

In case you've missed my last bajillion posts alternately fretting about and getting excited for the road trip, the adventure beings TODAY. Once Allie and I are off of work and load up the car, we'll hit route 66 (along with a million other people looking to get out of town, I'm sure).

Speaking of loading up the car, Allie and I picked up our rental yesterday. It was a bit of a headache, which threw us both off a bit. Thanks to a tip from a coworker, we rented from a kiosk at a hotel in Arlington instead of from the airport directly (saving us roughly $300), but when we arrived at the hotel, we couldn't find the Hertz kiosk. The overly chatty greeter informed us that the Hertz kiosk inside the hotel closes daily at 5...a tidbit that Hertz failed to share with us despite the fact that we specifically requested a 6pm pickup time. The greeter then said we could take the hotel shuttle to the airport and get our car there.

We spent the entire ride to the airport talking about our "we'll just put our foot down" strategy if the airport Hertz tried to charge us that extra $300. I think we were both geared up to raise a bit of a stink, but luckily the woman who was helping us out was really nice and sympathetic, and even gave us an upgrade from compact to mid-size (posh, I know). I have a feeling Allie's "gold" status with Hertz and her USAA discount had something to do with it, but we'll just pretend that we appeared intimidating.

After we signed all the relevant paperwork, we went out in to the garage to find our home on wheels for the next seven or so days.

Our model is white, not silver, but otherwise looks pretty much just like this. One of my coworkers pointed out that it's a cop-like car, so people will probably "get the heck out of your way on the road." Prior to realizing that, I had already decided we're going to call the car Sally (assuming Allie is ok with that...), which isn't the most fear-inspiring name, but it just fits a white Impala if you ask me.

I'm a little anxious about how Sally and I are going to get along, because I'm used to a big, hulking SUV (as in: I have not driven anything other than my car in...years(?)). But, for better or for worse, I'm headed home soon to finish packing, clean my apartment, and pick up Allie.  Stay tuned for notes from the road...

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