Wednesday, September 14, 2011

micro obsessions

{I promise, if you hang in there until (or scroll to) the end, there's something cooking related in here}

I don't collect much (if you've seen my closets, you might beg to differ), but lately I've casually acquired a series of tiny bowls. (I realize there's nothing to help me prove scale here, but trust me, they're baby-sized)

If you know me well, you probably aren't surprised that I'm not just collecting bowls, I'm collecting tiny bowls. I've always had an odd fascination with all things small/tiny/petite/name your interchangeable adjective. Maybe it's because people have always had an odd fascination with how tiny they think I am...?

So when I came across this blog post about micro cars made by Vespa in France in the late 50s, I was so charmed by the adorable, tee tiny little two door cabriolet. I mean, how precious is this thing:

It would be totally, utterly useless in the context of my current car needs/usage (I drive a big, hulking Jeep that serves primarily as my protection on my 7 hour drives to/from NC, and secondarily as transportation for the many large pieces of furniture I've bought lately). It would also be a terrible car for a lengthy road trip. But I want it.

Speaking of lengthy road trips, I'm taking one very soon. And as fabulous as Allie and I would look cruising in to Vegas in the Vespa 400, I think we'll rent something a little more practical for our 2000+ mile trek across the continent. 

And speaking of practical, we're going to need plenty of sustenance for the trip. Which is how I am finally going to get around to something cooking-related. Huzzah.

On the same day that I discovered the Vespa 400, I rediscovered what is easily one of my top five favorite desserts ever (yeah, it was a goooood day). I first sampled the addictive gloriousness that is contained in a Hello Dolly bar when I went to a prospective student day at the high school I would later end up attending. (This happens to be a more recent Hello Dolly encounter as I snapped a picture of the legendary dessert at my five year reunion).

No one at my school would ever dispense the recipe for the "special occasions only treat," but my entire family knows of my addiction, and sends recipes my way any time they think they've found something close. Having abandoned anything kitchen-related upon my entry into grown up life, I had forgotten all about my quest to replicate the sugary goodness. Until I stumbled upon Smitten Kitchen's post on the matter. Consider the quest reinvigorated. After all, I think they'd make an amazing road trip treat. Healthy? Not at all, but I don't exactly think of cross country adventures as conducive to salads, do you? No, they're more about soda, beef jerky, and Cheetos.

So there we go. I plan to test Smitten Kitchen's recipe out very soon. Fellow Hello Dolly addicts, I'll let you know if it's a keeper...

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