Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am freaking out maybe just a tiny bit, because in a few hours, Allie and I pick up our rental car. In about 24 hours, we embark on the road trip. In seven days, we'll pull said rental car in to Vegas. 

See, normally Allie and I are master planners. After all, there's a reason we hit it off like mad when we first met nearly five years ago as roomies in Venice, Italy. But we've both been busy and distracted lately, so this road trip didn't get the typical attention to detail we're known for. So, the past day or so has been a flurry of hectic emails and gchats. 

When should we pick up the car? Where should we buy snacks? What the heck am I going to pack for temperatures that range from lows in the 30s to highs in the 70s? Whose rewards program number are we using? Did you find your AAA card? Who is paying for gas? 

So to distract myself for a minute from all the stress of closing up shop at work for a week, and hitting I-40, I cruised over to Pinterest to get a little road trip eye candy. 

If only planning were this glamorous 
While I'm sure our Hertz Toyota Camry will do just fine, 
I really want this car

Would love to see trees like this
And views like this!
Excited and nervous for our destination!

Once I get my wits about me (aka pack and get a good night's sleep), I'll be back with more intelligent thoughts. Until then, get lost in Pinterest.

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