Sunday, October 2, 2011

day 3 - nashville to arkansas

Today Allie and I got up at made it from Nashville to Clarksville, Arkansas. We're settled in for the night in a Hampton Inn in Clarksville. It's pretty much just a stop off of I-40, and we had a hard time finding some place to eat that wasn't closed for good, closed on Sunday, or that sold something other than fried food. We finally decided to hit a local Mexican restaurant, but weren't even able to have a margarita with our dinner. From what we can tell, most of Arkansas is dry (the "no more liquor stops for 100 miles" sign near the state line was a pretty good indication). The only things to do here are see a movie or bowl, the front desk attendant told us. Although the cinema here charges a whopping $7 a ticket, we decided we'd rather relax, stretch out, and watch something here in our hotel. 

This morning we had (free!) breakfast at our hotel, and I took the morning driving segment. We got to Memphis around 11:30, and promptly found Graceland. We paid the exorbitant entrance fees (made slightly less insulting thanks to a student discount), and joined dozens of other revelers on a shuttle to the actual house. We walked through the house, and both decided it was very much like the tour of Mt. Vernon (smaller house than we expected, and a regimented tour path), but it was pretty interesting. After Graceland, we drove to Neely's BBQ (started by the Food Network stars), and while I'm partial to my Grandma's pulled pork, it was delicious. 

That's all the more detail I'll subject you to, and in the spirit of yesterday:

day 3: 
-stayed at: Hampton Inn Clarksville
-ate at: Hampton Inn Bellvue for breakfast, Neely's BBQ in Memphis for lunch, and El Parian in Clarksville for dinner

And finally, just a few of the many, many snapshots from today....

Live from Graceland


Trying to retrieve something that was rolling 
around the very back of the trunk

Neely's BBQ

We nearly missed this one looking at the river

Entertaining myself on I-40

Sunset in Arkansas

Tomorrow we go from here to somewhere outside of Oklahoma City! We have NO idea where to stop en route, so if you happen to have done this drive before, give us your suggestions, pretty please!

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