Wednesday, October 26, 2011

newton (not fig)

I was always particularly abysmal at physics, so I'm probably going to oversimplify this in a way that would make my high school science teacher shudder, but here goes. I am the perfect example of Newton's law. When at rest, this lazy little body is very likely to stay at rest. And that's on a good (read: easy) day.

Lately there've been some less than "good" days. Nothing tragic has happened (unless you count getting my favorite high heel stuck in a grate and then accidentally kicking said pump across a busy intersection during rush hour), I'm just much busier than normal. I'm trying to balance a two week draining audit seminar with finding a new place to buy or rent and popping around town to catch up with various friends (while trying to kick an on-coming cold). I really like staying busy and seeing friends, but there are some things I really need to take care of in front of a computer, and not at one of DC's many bars. 

So I rescheduled tonight's plans, and came straight home after training let out. Not nearly as interesting as my past two nights (which have involved sitting in the park looking at the White House (+protesters) for a few hours while trying to figure out what in the world I'm doing with my life before going to a rain-soaked happy hour, and watching the District's drag queens race down 17th Street in higher heels than even I aspire to own), but more conducive to answering three days worth of emails, eating real food for dinner, and figuring out how best to handle looming eviction. 

To accomplish at least 2/3 of those tasks, I couldn't let myself sit down on my couch, not even for a second, when I got home. I did dishes, I put my clothes away, I picked up the living room (I mean really, how many Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons can one girl accumulate??). I then made the terrible mistake of pausing on my couch, which led to the laziest dinner the LKTC has seen in a while: instant rice and some sort of Bengali lentil concoction that gets boiled in its bag for five minutes. Stupid Newton, and his stupid law. 

So now I'm comfily ensconced on my couch, and daydreaming of Halloween parties and other holiday adventures to come (Friendsgiving, anyone?) instead of getting intimate with and/or craigslist. Since I inhaled my (very un-photogenic) lentil-tastic dinner, I'll leave you instead with one of my favorite pictures from Halloween back in the little Jenny days (because nostalgia is never out of season). 

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