Monday, October 10, 2011

day 5 - amarillo to albuquerque

{Finally back in DC, and back to the snapshots of the road trip}

Tuesday ended up being our short day after our decision to push through to Amarillo on Monday. We “slept in” (maybe 7:30 am by our standards), and took our time watching GMA and eating breakfast. On the way out of town, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch, which is a collection of old Cadillac cars buried in a field off of I-40. It was pretty much as weird/cool as you can imagine. We made it to Albuquerque in time for a late lunch, and ate at a restaurant my friend Allison had recommended. Their pulled pork sandwich really gave Neely’s (from our day in Memphis) a run for its money. After lunch, Allie indulged my atypical urge to get a pedicure, and read while I did that. (We had some time to kill until Allison was off work)
Later, we met up with Allison at her house. Her family was in town, and had volunteered to cook dinner for all of us, so we helped with some light prep work, drank wine, and caught up. It was really nice to stay in a friend’s house and eat home cooked (delicious) food after four days on the road. We played with Allison’s dogs, met her pet turtle, and slept to the sound of rain falling all night long. It was just perfect. 
day 5:
-stayed at: Allison’s house
-ate at: Hampton Inn Amarillo for breakfast, CoolWater Fusion in Albuquerque for lunch, and Allison’s house in Albuquerque for dinner

Couldn't get over the beautiful Texas sky

Cadillac Ranch

One of my favorites

Stopped at a scenic overlook somewhere outside of Amarillo

Best state sign so far

Allison's pet turtle! 

Chester, Allison, & I -- reunited at last!

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