Tuesday, October 4, 2011

day 4 - clarksville to amarillo

Yesterday we did a little bit of a longer drive, and made it from Clarksville, Arkansas to Amarillo, Texas. We made a concerted effort to do sightseeing early in the drive, but we'd pull off to see some weird store or the like, and we'd find it....CLOSED. So finally we set our sights on the route 66 museum in Elk City, Oklahoma. Luckily it was open, and we wandered around the little mock-historic village. They have a farm museum, route 66 museum, and something else that I'm forgetting (we didn't go in it). When we wandered in to the little soda shop, we came across a few of the people who apparently take care of the restaurant and recruit volunteers who staff the shop in the summer (when it sells soda and ice cream). They chatted our ears off, and took our picture behind the counter. After lunch, we got back in the car to listen to the Amanda Knox chatter on the radio and to drive to Amarillo. 

Last night we had dinner at the Big Texan Steak Ranch, which is at a total tourist trap, but we did it knowing full well what we were getting ourselves in to. They're famous for their 72oz steak challenge. Sadly we weren't up for the challenge, nor was anyone else, but we had much smaller versions. The restaurant was highly entertaining, complete with servers in ridiculous cowboy hats and a roving country band. After dinner, we found the local Dairy Queen to satiate a mini blizzard craving I've been having for hundreds of miles. 

Day 4: Clarksville to Amarillo
-stayed at: Hampton Inn Amarillo East 
-ate at: Hampton Inn Clarksville for breakfast, Subway in Elk City for lunch, and Big Texan Steak Ranch/Dairy Queen in Amarillo for dinner

And finally, just a few pictures for now: 

Oklahoma was full of road work, and short on scenery

Our daily present from Mom's road trip bag

Enjoyed some of it last night!

Outside the soda shop at the Route 66 museum

Oh yeah, this happened. 

We were disappointed in the lackluster "Welcome to Texas" sign

Less disappointed in the Texas scenery than the Texas sign

Touristy dinner!

This also totally happened

The entire meal that comprises the 72oz challenge

Today we head to Albuquerque, and I'm pretty excited because a) I get to see/stay with my good friend and former coworker, Allison, b) it's a short driving day, and c) I think the landscape is really going to change in the four hundred or so miles between here and New Mexico. 

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