Sunday, October 30, 2011

the best part of waking up

Is this stuff in my cup. 
(from here)

Today, I am especially tired. On days like this, I think about how amazing it would be to have a lifetime supply of illy espresso. It is, hands down, my favorite way to caffeinate. In addition to its high quality, it plays to my obscenely nostalgic nature by reminding me of the good old days in Venice. Apparently the company offers an "illy a casa" program, which involves recurring delivery of the good stuff straight to your door. Some day when I win the lottery...

Since illy will suddenly seem cheap when I strike it rich, let's also throw in one of these guys, because they are shiny, beautiful, and make great espresso...

(from here)

Isn't he just so charming and Italian? In what is becoming a LKTC tradition, I'd name him Massimo. I'm such a sucker for shiny, pretty things. Never mind that I'd need extensive training just to learn how to use it without blowing my kitchen up...

Anyways, due to my exhaustion, I've spent most of the day watching football and getting my life in order, so I don't have any great cooking-related tales to relay. I'm optimistic about the roasted aparagus and red pepper I'm going to eat along side spinach couscous, but it's nothing particularly creative, so, I'll leave you instead to ogle illy in the first "kitchen covets" post in far too long. 

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