Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Good news: my breakfast potato addiction seems to have abated. Bad news: it's been mostly replaced by a weird preoccupation with Corner Bakery's Asian Wonton salad (sans chicken, these days). I think I've eaten it that salad just about every week day for the past two weeks. 

But the point isn't that I have a one-track mind when it comes to food. The point is, I haven't done much in the way of cooking lately (too many happy hours and Corner Bakery salads, not enough time in the LKTC), so I don't have anything recipe-related to discuss. 

Unless you really want go for a stretch here, and call this a recipe for a 30th Anniversary Celebration Kit. And naturally, I do. 

About a month ago, we celebrated my parents' 30th wedding anniversary while in Vegas. In preparation, we put together a little gift box: 

"Picnic box" from Container store +

Lots of duct tape to reinforce it + 

(no, really, lots of duct tape!) + 

A photo album spanning from the time the 'rents met to present day +

Lots of their favorite things + 

A few craft supplies +

Personalized labels + 

Labels added to favorite things +

Incriminating photos + 

Even more incriminating photos 

A few recent photos +

A little happy hour fuel +

A few mixers +

A few finishing touches

The celebration kit made it safely across the country during the road trip, and was well received upon arrival. And don't worry, we got the parents a REAL gift, too! 

Oh and with Friendsgiving and maybe a holiday dinner party coming up, I'll make up for the obscene dearth of cooking-related posts lately, I promise. Riiiight after I find a place to live...

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