Sunday, November 6, 2011

occupy starbucks

The lazy weekend is a concept that's kind of lost on me. I'm pretty much biologically incapable of sleeping past 7 am, and I inherited my dad's unrelenting need to be a)in motion, and b)accomplishing a task. 

But for the past three or so weeks, I've been operating at an unsustainable pace. Life has been a blur of all day training sessions, happy hours, dinners, brunches, movie nights, nights out, shopping, and fretting (about my living situation). 

So I put a moratorium on making any sort of plans past dinner time yesterday. After dinner, I went home, watched a little bit of football, and went to bed at an hour that most people my age would just be gearing up to leave for the night. And then I slept for an amount of time that I'm not entirely clear on (that whole fall back thing perplexes me more than I should admit). 

When I woke up, I decided to compromise with my overactive self, and spend a lazy morning at Starbucks (along with the rest of Arlington, it seemed). This has as much to do with my need to at least feel like I'm accomplishing something as it does with my recent frustration with my coffee pot (pictured below in an old LKTC photo). 

I've had the little 4-cup machine for probably two years now, and it makes decent enough coffee. Normally I'm not too discerning when it comes to brew quality, as I'm normally not conscious until after a full cup. But, the machine's output is veering from "acceptable" to "ick" pretty quickly. I'm finding more and more grounds in my coffee every day, and it just tastes blah. There have also been a few occasions in which the machine has tricked me in to thinking it was done brewing, then peeing coffee everywhere when I tried to remove the carafe to pour a cup. Tisk tisk. 

That is no way, I've decided, to treat the illy coffee that I brew every day these days. High quality beans demand a decent machine. I'm not sure what the best replacement is, though. I don't want something large, since I rarely, if ever, drink four cups of coffee, especially in the amount of time between alarm clock and departure. I'm thinking about going the super convenient (if a bit unnecessary) "pod" route. I know the Keurig machines are the most popular, but I have my eye on this guy (after all, he's RED!):  

sold by amazon

I know single serving coffee machines aren't the most economical, but, a girl can have her wish list, right? 

Speaking of wish list, in the spirit of having a plan-free, frivolous, lazy weekend morning (with a ground-free cup of Starbucks coffee in hand), I've been playing on Pinterest, adding things to my boards, including the "kitchen covets" one. If you've never been on Pinterest, I imagine I sound like I'm speaking in some sort of code. I have to admit, I heard of the site long before I actually allowed myself to explore it, so I'm a bit late in touting its virtues, but I'm here to tell you now that you should check it out. Be fully prepared to lose a few hours of your life, because it's like a black hole of recipes, creative ideas, and pretty pictures (which is precisely why I tried to hold out on exploring it). 

It's totally worth it, though. After all, it's a lazy Sunday... 

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