Monday, November 21, 2011

introducing walter

I'm sitting here trying to muster the energy to recount the many amusing details of the first annual Friendsgiving (which was this past Saturday), but I am completely exhausted. 

See, to prepare for the feast, we cooked from about 3pm to 10pm Friday, and most of the day Saturday. Then I went to bed late Saturday, got up early Sunday, and walked six miles around the city since it was such a nice day. Today I had to be at work before 7 am, then came home and made mac & cheese and pumpkin spice gelato from the many Friendsgiving leftover ingredients. Add all of that to my crazy pre-flight anxiety, and I'm beat. 

So I'm going to finish packing for my Thanksgiving trip home, try to revive my Nook from whatever coma it seems to have entered, and hopefully catch up on some sleep before another early alarm. Until I have more time and energy (and the whole slew of photos from Saturday's party), here are a few pictures taken while we were prepping Walter the Friendsgiving turkey (yes, we named him. Have you MET me?)

we decided we needed both wine and some plastic gloves 
to undertake the whole dry brining adventure

I realize there isn't much to help you determine scale,
but Walter is (err, was?) a 20lb beast

buttering Walter was, well, not my favorite
part of the prep 

Check back soon for actual updates worth reading! 

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