Monday, January 30, 2012


Last week, I was totally uninspired on the Monday dinner front (even though Monday dinner happened on Tuesday). Monday dinners have become a bit of a new tradition for Sophie and I, and I like using them as a venue for trying new recipes, because a)Sophie is a simultaneously intrepid and kind soul, and b)the bottle of wine we polish off each week makes just about anything taste better. 

Much like last night's surprise pesto, I didn't use a recipe for the dish I came up with. Instead, I relied on my memory of dishes that have been made for me in similar fashion in the past, and it worked out alright. I like to think it's all part of being a little more aggressive in the kitchen in 2012. Not so aggressive that I nearly set my oven on fire, but that's another story for another time. 

I honestly think peas go with everything, but especially pasta
blanched asparagus (in the new mixing bowls my sister gave me for Christmas!)

vanilla peppermint crunch gelato with chocolate teddy grahams

So, I failed at taking sufficient pictures, which tends to happen when I'm cooking in a hurry and/or solo (both of which are shamefully common in my kitchen). But, you'll have to take my word for the fact that the pasta turned out both edible and photogenic. I can't really take any credit for the sinful vanilla peppermint crunch gelato, as it came from a starter kit, but I can tell you to get thee to Sur La Table and buy your own box of it immediately, and my job will be done here.

If it's fun pasta you're after, though, here's what I suggest... pick a pretty green veggie or two. Blanch them in a pot of salty water, and scoop them out when they get bright green. For 2 people plus lunch leftovers, boil half a pound or so of pasta (my preference is something in the spaghetti family) in the veggie water. Mmm fiber. After just a few minutes, maybe 4 or so, drain the pasta. Boil half a bottle of wine, and throw the pasta in there until most of the wine is soaked up by the noodles. While the wine gets to boiling, in a skillet, heat up some cubed pancetta and let it get golden. Add garlic, and then the blanched veggies. Finally, pour the winey noodles into the skillet and let it all get nice and toasty. Yum. (I have to reiterate, though, that this is not a creation of my own brilliant mind, rather it's a recreation from dishes I've been served before.)

Anyways, aren't you glad I managed to update you just in time for the next Monday dinner? I knew you were just clinging to the edges of your seats waiting on this recap. Try to contain your excitement for tonight's experiment: broccoli and bell pepper stir fry with tofu. I know. Wild times, people. Wild times.  

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