Wednesday, January 11, 2012

nostalgia wednesdays: long weekend in phoenix

Nostalgia Wednesdays are starting to freak me out a tiny bit. See, it feels like just a year or so ago that I lived in Venice for the second time when, in fact, it was over three years ago now. And so it certainly doesn't seem like its been a year since my Dad's side of the family converged on Phoenix, Arizona, to celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday. His birthday was actually the prior October, but we all agreed that we'd rather celebrate in the warm climate of Arizona (where he and my step-Grandma spend their winters) than in Michigan (where they live most of the year).

We all flew to Phoenix (a scary 4 1/2 hour flight for me!) over MLK weekend and stayed at the Gold Canyon resort. The menfolk did a lot of golfing, the ladies went on a covert cake pickup mission and did some shopping, and generally we all did a lot of eating, talking, and catching up with a perfect backdrop of unseasonably warm weather and gorgeous sunsets.

Grandpa's birthday cake, modeled after our family farm in Michigan

The real farmhouse in Michigan

Anyways, I've been spending roughly the hours of 7am to 7pm (if not 9pm) at work since my move, so I have yet to "cook" more than a bowl of cheerios in the new LKTC. I swear at some point life will slow down a bit, and I will actually write about cooking. Eventually.

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