Sunday, January 15, 2012

bubbly on draft

I had really high hopes for the long weekend (even though I actually have to work most of tomorrow), and those plans didn't involve finding obscure shows to watch marathons of on Hulu. But I can't stop coughing, am basically chained to a box of Kleenex, and have officially lost my voice entirely. Oh yes, and it's been proclaimed by weathermen as one of the most bitterly cold days of winter thus far. Yum. 

I had hoped to finally organize my kitchen after the move, do some cleaning, and even, I don't know, have a social life. I made a good attempt yesterday to be functional, looking at apartments with my realtor, seeing Beauty and the Beast in 3D (no shame here, it's a classic), and finally trying a new-ish restaurant that's been on my "to-do" list for a while now (called Graffiato). 

Since I haven't had a chance to cook anything that didn't come out of a soup can in the going on fifteen days now that I've been sick in one variety or another, I'll tell you instead about the meal someone else cooked for me at Graffiato. 

(from Yelp!)
Mike Isabella, of Top Chef "fame," opened Graffiato (pictured) in Chinatown not too long after his season of the Bravo reality show ended. The space is really cool--multi-level, industrial, really open--the kind of place that kinda makes you feel like maybe you aren't quite dressed well enough to be there, but the staff is benevolent enough to overlook it. 

Even though I wasn't feeling fantastic, my friend and I just had to order the restaurant's prosecco on draft. Yes, you're reading that correctly. Prosecco that comes out of a tap! And it is fantastic. After the bubbly arrived, we each got a "vegetate" to start, me the lemon and parmesan charred potatoes, my friend the brussels sprouts with egg and pancetta. The lemon dressing on the potatoes was different than anything I'd had before, and I ended up really liking it. I tried brussels sprouts for the first time off of my friend's plate, and they were also amazing. 

For our main courses, we had pappardelle with roasted chicken ragu (me) and scallops (my friend). The portions were smaller than I expected for the price (even though the restaurant bills itself as small plates), but because I'm spending the vast majority of my time coughing these days, my appetite is not at its normal levels, so I didn't mind too much. 

For that reason, unfortunately we skipped dessert, but I'd like to go back some time for more of the prosecco on draft and a small plate or two of sweets. 

For now, though, I'm going to curl up in a tiny ball on the couch, watch lots of tv, drink copious mugs of tea and honey, rock these awesome owl slippers my sister got me for Christmas... a few of these precious, tee tiny cookies I baked today (they're SO easy, it doesn't count as cooking, and I promised a few coworkers I'd bring cookies in tomorrow)...

...and pray that this doesn't turn in to a case of bronchitis reminiscent of fall 2009, because I have a ski trip to Utah coming up in three days. Cross your fingers, people.

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