Sunday, January 8, 2012

new year, new digs

I've been back in DC for just eight days, but it feels like a lifetime. I was sick last weekend, had a crazy week at work, moved this weekend, have at least a full day's worth of work to pack in to this afternoon/evening, and seem to be sick again (at least a cold, not the stomach monster this time). And life is going to be pretty much non-stop at work until I leave for Utah in ten days (side note:  TEN DAYS? holy geez). 

But I'm taking this little break from work to share two quick snapshots from my new place, in case you care. And no, there are no shots of the new, improved (but pantry-less) LKTC yet. Because it's still a disaster, and sorting spices is taking a back seat to report writing (and Steelers game watching) right now. Sorry! Anyways, here you go.

while the layout of the new place was a bit of a challenge at first, I'm 
enamored with how the dining room turned out in the end!

I didn't do a great job snapping this picture, but this is what I'm calling the
"saucy bathroom" thanks to that curtain. It's about all we could find that would
work with the crazy electric blue tile on the floor and walls (you can see it peeking
out in the top left corner)

Although I have worlds of work to do, my little apartment seems a bit sad and lonely after a weekend of activity. My extremely generous parents came in to town to help me move for what seems like the bajillionth time, and some sweet friends spend a good chunk of their day yesterday helping, too. Suddenly everyone has gone away again, and I'm alone with my two laptops, and it's, well, lonely!

On top of all of that, I just did my final check of my old apartment, and it left me feeling very nostalgic and a bit sad (shocking, I know). It was my home for over a year (which still blows my mind, since it was supposed to be temporary), and the first time I ever lived solo. Over my roughly fourteen months there, I gained friends (and lost a few), endured some drama and heartbreak, learned to cook for myself (most of the time), changed jobs,  went on a trans-continental road trip, and generally grew up a whole lot. 

I think back to how much has changed since the dark, jobless days of 2009, and am thankful for the trajectory life has been on since then. Each year has been better than the last (although each has been rough in its own way). I have high hopes for 2012 and my cozy new little apartment. And now I will stop rambling and get back to all that work I mentioned. 

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