Thursday, January 5, 2012


For a long time, I've primarily blamed country music and chick flicks for my disillusion with certain aspects of life (looking at you, male population). Pinterest, however, is angling for the honor of "most reality-bending" in my present day life. If you've never heard of it or spent any time on it, the best way I can describe it is a virtual bulletin board on which you can post snapshots of just about anything.

That recipe you keep meaning to try? Tack it on there. The outfits you wish you could afford? By all means, pin 'em. Jewelry, kitchens, craft ideas, decor, books, puppy pictures, European landscapes. You name it, you can pin it, and inspire all of your followers to drool over it just as much as you already are.

I find myself on this mini-rant/tangent because Pinterest is a mecca for all things glamorous, and I'm having a decidedly unglamorous start to 2012, as you might recall. My current reality involves laundering anything I touched or wore over the course of the stomach flu, googling "how to sanitize a thermometer," and trying overcome lingering exhaustion to pack up the contents of my apartment in preparation for this weekend's move. 

My Pinterest reality, on the other hand, is much different. It involves baking these delicious-looking banana nutella pumpkin loaves

from here

And relaxing in the big old tub in this beautiful bathroom (which is as big as my current apartment, and puts my future electric blue-tiled bathroom to shame).

from here (spotted first by my sis, who has killer taste)

It's a dangerous place, this land of Pinterest, but I kind of love it. A girl's gotta dream, especially when her new bathroom is electric blue and her new bedroom is several square feet smaller than her old one. Good news, though. The new LKTC will have a microwave AND a dishwasher, people. Take that, Pinterest. 

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