Monday, March 12, 2012


For the first, and Lord knows, maybe last time in my life, I have an office. As in, a room with four walls and a door, people. This is a particularly exciting, if temporary, development in my life because my old desk at work was not only in a very high-traffic area, but had no walls. Nope, just a slightly elevated ledge, which, let me tell you, never stopped anyone from interrupting what I was doing, be it eating a meal, conducting a conversation, or reading a report. 

So I am thrilled to be sharing this amazing space for a couple of weeks until my new team is banished to a sad, dejected old building a few blocks down the street. For the next few weeks, I'll arrive to a desk drenched in the all of the pink and red glory of the sun rising above the Potomac River and Reagan National Airport. And yes, in case you were wondering, I'm wholeheartedly aware of the irony inherent in my having a daily view of air travel, which is the source of much anxiety to me.

not a bad view to take in when writer's block strikes

Anyways, my view is far from the only peachy thing going on right now. I also have a freezer stocked with peach sorbet. The best time to try such an endeavor would clearly be when I had a fruit bowl full of ripe peaches. Unfortunately I had no such thing. Instead this experiment was inspired by a bag of frozen peaches just begging to be used. I know, I know, you're all lucky to know such a logical girl like me. 

photo courtesy of the recipe

Unfortunately mine looked a little less flawless and smooth than the photo above, but it came out pretty tasty. I mean, it's essentially fruit + sugar. I followed this recipe with no substitutions other than the obvious fresh for frozen swap. I'd love to try it again with ripe, fresh peaches for a more intense flavor, but I certainly will put my first batch to good use in the form of dessert the next few nights.

If you're thinking "the LKTC hasn't made ice cream in a while," you'd be right. The machine itself, the glorious Fiona, was a gift from someone I most often would rather forget, and I don't always have all the necessary ingredients (eggs, milk, and/or cream) on hand. But for some reason, perhaps the bottomless mimosas at brunch?, I came home Sunday ready to bust Fiona out of her prison in the freezer, and I'm glad I did. 

Along with this (very welcome) warm weather, spring has brought me a few things worth celebrating, and I think ice cream is the perfect way to do just that.

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