Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nostalgia wednesdays: waffle weekends at the lake

I hit that "must get out of DC now" point last week. I thought I could hold out until this coming weekend to head for home, but it turns out that I just couldn't. Well, that and I remembered a friend of mine was driving to Charlotte on Friday, which solved 50% of my logistics issues, and after happy hour on Thursday, 50% sounded a lot better than 0%. 

The other 50%, that'd be the return trip, ended up being solved by MegaBus. Not because I was dying to spend 8 hours on a bus, but because Amtrak was sold out and a flight was prohibitively expensive. The adventure was spearheaded by our driver Mo-reece. Yes, Mo-reece. I know he spells his name this way because we all spent plenty of quality time together when the bus broke down in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Mebane, NC. 

Believe it or not, that wasn't actually the worst part of my trek back to DC. But much like the fire alarm incident, I'm just not ready to go there yet, especially because I just got my hair done, which I always find that to be an expensive but incredibly effective mood booster, and I don't want to deflate that bubble just yet. Want to get my money's worth and all. 

Anyways, being home was exceedingly restorative, as it always seems to be. I got to snuggle with the dog and catch up with my family (+ some of our Charlotte family). I also got to sleep in, eat out, watch lots of basketball, and introduce my Mom to Ikea. One of the other great things about being home? Mom always makes me some sort of syrupy breakfast. This time we had chocolate chip pancakes and waffles, which probably explains why my new pair of pants no longer fit. Despite my sister's claim that I'm a "human Fiat," the weekend of carby eating seems to have caught up with me.    

The hip augmenting waffles were good, but I don't think anything will ever compare to the waffles we ate by the half dozen at the lake house in Georgia growing up. I have no idea how we first discovered the brand, nor do I actually know what it's called to this day. All I know is that it comes in a burgundy box, is only sold in random grocery stores, and produces the best waffle you'll ever eat. For a while, whatever parent(s) woke up first would be on waffle duty, and would have the difficult task of deciding whether the older or the younger kids got waffles first. At some point I took over the waffle iron, probably because I'm the most type A of the bunch and one of the earliest risers. 

For years and years, especially in the summer, that routine would happen on pretty much a weekly basis, kicking off a day of sunscreen and swimmies. Now that the cousins are mostly all grown up, or at least older and living further away, we don't get down to the lake as often anymore. I only make it there once or twice a year at this point, and while that's good news for my hips, I miss the weekend waffle routine. 

On a related note, I know I haven't baked or cooked in a good, long while. Life has been insanely hectic, mostly of my own doing, and I kind of like it that way, but I'm really itching to get back in the LKTC. Pinterest is full of recipes I want to try, so stay tuned and maybe, just maybe, something current and cooking related will pop up here. 

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