Saturday, March 31, 2012


I joke, probably too often, about my evolutionary inferiority. But especially this past Friday, when I was plagued with extreme exhaustion, I was more convinced than ever of the theory's validity. 

I didn't even stay out that late on Thursday night, but got only four or so hours of quality sleep. I haven't slept straight through a night in, well, I honestly can't even tell you how long (at least a year or more). So I've long since managed my expectations in terms of sleeping six to eight straight hours. But I still need at least six, preferably eight, hours of rest. 

When this does not happen, my ability to function, even with caffeine, becomes shockingly compromised. The fewer hours of sleep I get, the more my head aches like it's being squeezed by a vise. The more I want to curl up in a ball under my desk and close my eyes. The slower the hands of the clock move, mimicking my molasses-tastic limbs. 

I find this troubling for many reasons, especially in the moments when I most want to pitch a fit, kick someone in the shins, or sleep rightthissecond. Shouldn't I be able to dance on tables all night and still wake up just a few hours later looking young and flawless a la Hollywood starlets and Georgetown co-eds? Or stay up half the night with a new baby a la half of my Facebook newsfeed? 

Not to get too far off topic here, but on that note, is there any point in life when one's peers are doing such a wide range of things? I mean I feel like half the people I know are about to become doctors while traveling the world and curing cancer while the other half are married (with babies). It's a bit dizzying, the array of choices we have at this age, no? 

So although Friday was the first night in quite a while that I haven't had plans, my grand intentions to cook myself a simple but non-pasta dinner were decimated by my "is it dark yet? can I get in bed yet?" level of sleepiness. 

Which is how I ended up having edamame and mug cake for dinner. What? You think that sounds crazy? Well then I probably shouldn't tell you about how I had wine and animal crackers for dinner earlier in the week. 

Anyways, in my haze of exhaustion, I went in to the Rite Aid near my metro/bus stop while waiting on my afternoon ride home, and, in the absence of chocolate chips, walked out with a Lindt dark chocolate + sea salt bar. I knew I'd have to indulge my raging sweet tooth with what little I have on hand here at home, as the hopes of my ditching the pjs (or the couch) once I got home were non-existent. 

I bought the Lindt bar with a lava cake repeat in mind. I know, I know. I specifically told y'all not to even think of tweaking that recipe, and here I was about to do the same. Luckily in a move of sheer laziness, I decided to make a 2 minute mug cake instead, mostly out of a desire to cut down the prep time significantly, but also in an attempt to try something new.   

see? everything in one mug. so easy for lazy pants like me.

I hate to say it wasn't a success. I can't figure out if my lack of nutella was the issue, or if two minutes was actually too long to nuke the mixture in the microwave. Either way, it was way, way too dry and thick. I only had a couple of bites before I chucked the whole thing in the trash. 

it looks so promising, right? all gooey and chocolate-y

I figure I'll give it another try (despite how dangerous a successful recipe could be). You know, when I'm not so sleepy that the floor under my desk is an appealing nap spot. 

ps-in case you didn't notice, the LKTC got a bit of a makeover. Or perhaps I should say "make-under," because things are much sleeker. The clutter that you'd usually find on the left and right of the posts are now part of a subtle, omnipresent gray bar on the right of the page that pops out if you hover your mouse over it. So if you want to find the archives, labels, "about me," or the like, just check out that part of the page! If you're a google reader subscriber, I imagine you have no idea what I'm talking about, so you should check it out some time when you're bored or procrastinating. 

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