Sunday, March 18, 2012


I did something really dumb this weekend, and before you start imagining epic hangovers or the like, let me just tell you it didn't have a single thing to do with green beer or any other St. Patrick's day traditions. I did join a few friends for a night of multitasking, with our attention devoted both to basketball and to all things green.

But before all of that, I walked about 11 miles on Saturday. Not on purpose in a half marathon-y sort of way. Just by accident in a "tourist for the day" sort of way. I suppose it doesn't really matter what sort of way you walk 11 miles. Unless you've been training for a half marathon, your body is all "what in the heck is going on right now?"    

I definitely have not been training for anything at all, so by the time I settled in at the sports bar for the dual celebration last night, I was feeling the pain of walking all over DC with my friend Allison, who was in town for a week of training, and a few other friends from DC and further afield. 

It was one of those perfect spring days that makes me walk around thinking I love this city, I love being outside, I love everything and everyone. (Ok maybe not everyone. Definitely not the tourists who have zero metro etiquette, so nearly everyone). We had an amazing brunch at this charming place called Firefly (picture below), walked all over the place soaking up the sun, popped in to the Natural History Museum, had a late lunch at one of the best Thai places I've been to date in the city, and finally said goodbye to Allison before her flight back to New Mexico.   

Firefly photo from here
Unfortunately all the pictures I took yesterday have a weird blue tint to them, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that it was a gorgeous day...

Even on Friday I was feeling the cumulative exhaustion of non-stop happy hours, new job stress, and potential home buying anxiety. But when I added all the crazy walking on top of everything else, just getting home last night felt like an impossible feat. I think if I had been required to communicate with someone, it would've come out as jibberish. I was so drained, in fact, that I slept until 9:30 today, which is so unusual for me that I honestly couldn't tell you the last time it happened. And even though I slept in, it took me nearly four hours to peel myself off my couch and get outdoors. 

I'm now firmly entrenched on said couch again, happily watching the tournament and intentionally ignoring the complete joke that is my office pool bracket. At this point, the odds are so slim that I could recover from my nearly last place standing that I'm just rooting for the underdog every time. 

I had big plans to actually cook something so that you could read about something other than my poor decision making skills, but I don't even want to get up to order take out, so, maybe next weekend...

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