Friday, August 5, 2011

introducing fiona

My office is a giant, messy construction zone, I'm super sleepy, and I'm preparing for a week away from work (for a training session), so my ability to focus and articulate myself is compromised.  (As I type this, a tattooed, hard-hatted man is gingerly removing the ceiling tile directly above my head.  I'm a little concerned about my lack of hard hat here, fashion statement aside)

So instead of cruising to tack items on to my new "kitchen covets" list, I'm crossing a few off.  

When I was home last weekend, my Mom told me that my Dad had been searching for an egg separator for me ever since they read about my frustrating baking day.  (Side note: not to brag, but they're pretty much the greatest) When we took a family trip to a nearby outlet mall to stay out of the rain, he managed to find one at a kitchen supply store.  

Look how adorable this thing is! 

 (you can buy one here)

And, it's little name is "Yolky." Too cute.  Cuteness overload? I'm sorry, but I really hate raw eggs, so if I'm going to have to touch them, the more I can be distracted by my fun little egg separator, the better.  Bonus: it clips to the edge of mixing bowls.  How much more functionality could you possibly want?

Yolky is going to be my new best bud in the kitchen, because a sweet friend of mine read my first "kitchen covets" post and sent me the ice cream maker as a surprise!  What's the connection, you ask? Many of the ice cream recipes I've found call for plentiful egg yolks.  The bowl of the ice cream machine is in the freezer getting nice and cold, and I'll be able to use it starting tomorrow morning. I'm like a little kid, I'm so excited to give it a whirl. In case you're curious, The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz is apparently the go-to instruction manual/cookbook hybrid. I'll let you know how well Mr. L and I get along...

In addition to Yolky  and Fiona (the oh-so-cliche name for my new apple red ice cream machine), I've added a silicone pastry brush to the arsenal of the LKTC. If it had cost me more than about $3, I'd feel more guilty about what might appear to be a superfluous tool.  But it, in fact, cost me less than $3, and means I can now brush butter or oil on things without using a craft paintbrush from my art supplies drawer.  

It looks just like this guy, but is red.  (The LKTC is mainly black, white, and red, in case you hadn't picked up on that trend).

(image from here)

The brush also came from the kitchen supply store at the outlets this past weekend.  Once Mom, Nanny, and I heard of Dad's egg separator discovery, we had to explore the store ourselves.  I could've spent a good chunk of change in the store, but I was flying back to DC the next morning and my tote bag was already burgeoning from the clothes I'd packed for the weekend (and rent was due the day of my return). 

I'll be back in a few days with ice cream updates and to introduce you to my family's "slopover" tradition. I know you're on the edges of your seats.   

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