Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have had a strange and not awesome week.  So even though it's still steamy and sweltering outside, I want nothing but cappuccinos, soup, and stews, preferably in front of a large fireplace.

While I have a generic dutch oven that came with my other pots and pans, I'm craving a more serious stove top to oven piece.  Cliche as it is, I find this Le Creuset "french oven" calling my name.  

Possibly I have a slight addiction to all things even remotely in the turquoise blue family.  If you've seen my bedroom in my parents' house, you'd understand. Anyways, I visit the "french oven" often, debating whether or not it's worth its slightly frightening price tag.  

Of course after I visited it at Sur la Table this weekend, I wandered in to World Market, where I spotted this guy.  Similar shape, larger capacity, fraction of the cost/guilt.  

I doubt I'll invest in either pan any time soon, but I have my eye on both as legitimate soup/stew weather approaches.

ps-I made salted caramel ice cream this weekend with Fiona, and it was incredible.  Stay tuned!

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