Wednesday, August 24, 2011

earthquake-proof caffeine

Yesterday, maybe twenty minutes after I told you about drunken noodle deliciousness, we had ourselves a little earthquake here in Virginia. Although I have to say, it seemed anything but little at the time.  

My floor in this office building has been undergoing air conditioning construction (yes, we've gone an entire southern summer without functioning central air), so initially many of us assumed that construction was to blame for the shaking.  But we quickly realized there was way, way too much swaying/shaking for the construction to be at fault.  The next natural thought for many of us was that it was something sinister (although I think it's sad that so many of our minds immediately made such an assumption). The earthquake buzz circulated around the office, and while we were all busy contemplating that possibility, we were ordered to evacuate.  

I say "we" like I was at my desk when this happened and was able to immediately confer with colleagues.  But that's a little misleading.  See, internet, I was in what I have decided is one of the worst places to experience a mild earthquake (or major one for that matter).  The bathroom.  And the bathroom here is small and dark.  While I was nowhere near hysterical, I definitely had a moment of mild panic and thought I do NOT want to die in the bathroom on the 9th floor of an office building!!

When I rushed out to see what was going on, that's when the earthquake buzz had already started. Most people were surprisingly nonchalant about the whole thing, but this being my first earthquake and all (and having thought I was going to die in a 9th floor dark, dingy bathroom), I was thinking something more along the lines of just an earthquake? JUST an earthquake? EARTHQUAKES DON'T HAPPEN HERE! 

After the evacuation and some frantic head-counting in a nearby park, we were dismissed for the day at 2:30ish.  I opted not to join the thousands of people on the roads and on the trains, and instead had a late lunch and drinks with a coworker down the street.  Not a bad deal all said and done, and we were lucky enough to snag an outdoor table, so we could watch the hoards of people generally acting like idiots while swapping earthquake stories. Note that from now on, any time we talk about this seismic event, I get to say "well, I was in the bathroom alone at work." Cute.

I decided, though, that for any future earthquakes (or, say, looming hurricanes...), I need a hardier travel coffee mug.  You know, if the building is going to start swaying again, I need something that's going to stand up to the job.  And I really just have found myself enamored with this tiny little eight ounce travel mug from Bodum. I always end up tossing half the coffee from my 16 ounce travel mug out each day, and while I could just fill it halfway full, how could I turn down something so (wait for it....) cute? 


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