Friday, July 29, 2011


As you've possibly noticed, I am totally slacking on the whole posting thing.  (Well, all four of you who read this blog, anyways)

I've gotten maybe a third of the way through a spirited post about my spice rub kick and spat with George, but just don't seem to have the heart (or the time) to wrap it up completely.  And I haven't even started describing this past Sunday's amazing dinner.  Shameful, really. 

Somehow I have found the time to do some online window shopping, which has led to the creation of a totally self-indulgent new feature: kitchen covets.

Before you even ask, no, you cannot use "covets" as a noun in this way.  The only recognized noun form is coveter (you better believed I looked it up--no false information on this corny blog, friends). But the minute it popped in to my head, it stuck.  Kind of like Mom's name for my mixer (Kitty the Kitchenaid [stripper]).   

So if intentionally un-impeccable grammar is a dealbreaker, you're going to want to avoid the (maybe) weekly "kitchen covets" series.  If you are my family and in need of holiday gift ideas, however, this is your scene.  

First up? A shiny apple-red ice cream maker.  See, isn't she pretty?

(image from here)

How did you decide you needed one? you might ask.   

Well, I don't know if you remember the three-part belated birthday dinner a few weeks ago, but that's where it all began.  See, I had made the peanut butter squares before meeting a few friends at a fundraiser/happy hour.  Upon arrival to said happy hour, I was describing the squares (and the rest of the eventual Sunday dinner) to my friends. One of the friends ended up mentioning the salted caramel ice cream he was making. 

Naturally I immediately invited him to Sunday dinner, wanting to get my hands on that ice cream (and enjoy his company, of course). Sadly the ice cream was bound for some sort of potluck and/or competition.  And ever since then, I haven't been able to get (salted caramel) ice cream off my mind. 

So if you draw my name for Christmas this year, hint hint :)

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