Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"much more than a soup"

Yes, it's nearing 9pm and I'm just now sitting down to "dinner" in the form of cup noodles.  I probably should've mentioned this long before now, but I have pretty simple taste in food, and if that's a problem, well, we're just not going to be friends.  (Although I do plan to get a little more adventurous during this Lent cooking adventure).

My taste in food becomes even more undiscerning when I'm especially hungry. I go from satiated to ravenous in a disturbingly brief time span (and subsequently have a very short window of moderate hunger).  Once I reach the ravenous stage, if I don't eat something pretty much immediately, I become shaky, nauseated, and have a massive headache (none of which subside even after food intake if I wait too long).  This makes productivity, especially at work, feel like climbing a cliff with shoes coated in crisco.

So sometimes, I eat whatever I can find and consume quickly.  Like yesterday when I spent 5 hours non-stop listening to testimony on wartime contracting.  I ate as many small, subtle snacks as possible while safely ensconced in the back row (I saw not one other person eat the entire time.  I am obviously evolutionarily inferior), then high-tailed it to the nearby Chipotle (I'm telling you, people, I have an addiction).  That was definitely an eat like no one is watching situation (and luckily I know very few people on the Hill). Attractive? Clearly not.  But it saved me from the line up of less than pleasant side effects that accompany my extreme hunger.  Same story tonight with the cup noodles (and no, there's no "of" on the package, I'm not just forgetting it).

But I have a headache, I just found out my tax return is less than 1/3 of what was initially estimated, and I have to get on a plane tomorrow.  I'm really hoping that my cup (of) noodles is, in fact, "much more than a soup," as promised on the package.

ps--I realize this sounds like a super whiny post, which was totally not the intent, especially because the plane I'm getting on tomorrow will be Miami bound, delivering me to South Beach for four days of sun, sleeping in, eating whatever/whenever, quality time with Allie, etc.  So, the only reason I might be a litttttle on the whiny side is the flight anxiety (if you don't believe me, ask my family, who has flown with me and can vouch for said anxiety). 

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