Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the final hurrah

It seems like forever ago that I decided to give up eating out for Lent, and suddenly it's Fat Tuesday.  Eek.  I haven't exactly done a fantastic job of planning ahead (aside from poking through my parents' cookbooks and copying a few recipes).  And after two incredibly hectic days at work and some persistent exhaustion, the last thing I want to do is make a grocery list and drag my tired little behind to Giant.  Especially because I still haven't unpacked from Miami...

I tried to take maximum advantage of my final day to buy pre-made food for a while.  My plan was slightly foiled when I got to my desk at 7:30 only to learn I needed to leave less than an hour later to get to a conference.  After some metro drama, I found the conference and took advantage of their free coffee (I bought some at work, and managed to spill most of it en route to the conference).  I spent most of the conference itself furiously transcribing notes and trying to convince the dude to my right that just because I work for the Inspector General, it does NOT mean I am an inspector.  (I failed, for he insisted on referring to me as Madame Inspector the entire time)

On a tangent, I'm starting to enjoy all these side "projects" I get to take on at work.  Now, let's be serious, I get to attend hearings, conferences, and speeches on behalf of my team because I'm one of the most dispensible.  But, it's still nice to know that my bosses trust me to be the eyes and ears of the team and to listen to everything said and analyze it as it relates to all the reports the team is writing. Plus, getting to escape into the city is a nice break from the monotony that takes over in Rosslyn sometimes.  

Anyways, following the conference, I dodged the "Madame Inspector" guy and ducked into Pret a Manger and got a pain au chocolat.  I've been craving one since I was in Miami, and I no longer have to worry about what my behind looks like in a bathing suit, so I just went for it.  Not long thereafter, I got lunch with a work friend at a local cafe.  And when I got home, I ordered a plethora of Thai for dinner. I'll just go ahead and declare today a "final hurrah win."

Sadly now it's time to put down the take out container, and figure out my plan of attack for this adventure.  

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