Wednesday, March 30, 2011

some dc eye candy

I don't live or work in DC, so I can unfortunately go weeks at a time without setting foot in the District if I get particularly lazy. When the annual Cherry Blossom Festival started last weekend, Allie and I decided to venture in.  Only problem was, Saturday was already booked solid (if you count a long overdue hair appointment and an inaugural trip to ikea as "booked solid").  And Sunday's forecast called for balmy 30 degree temperatures and flurries (not to mention we had long since planned an Italian feast for the evening).  

Since Tuesday was projected to be warm (relatively speaking, of course, since we're apparently in the midst of spring's longest cold snap), we grabbed some sandwich fixings from Giant, and hit the Tidal Basin.  Dodging less than nimble older tourists and families with sidewalk-hogging stroller caravans, we circled the basin, took a billion identical pictures, ate some sandwiches (avoid Pepperidge Farm ciabatta, by the way--the 9 grain version, at least, is like a giant block of less than airy dough), and generally congratulated ourselves for visiting on a warm (again, all relative), sunny day in the middle of the week (thereby avoiding the prohibative flocks of tourists who descend on the basin during the weekend). 

Anyways, I did my best to just pick a few of my favorite shots from the afternoon--see below!

see how this is a wee bit tilted downward on the left? yeah, all my pictures end up that way

i remembered to straighten this one first!

kudos to allie for the surprisingly decent candid

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