Saturday, March 26, 2011

friday night dinner (#3)

Allie and I decided, somewhat by default, that we'd start taking turns cooking Friday night dinner during Lent.  Last night was my night, and I decided to attempt  a couple of the recipes I found in her Food Network magazines.  

Only problem was, I hadn't yet bought most of the ingredients.  I had grand plans of working from home to accept my wine shipment, then using my "lunch hour" to go to Giant.  According to the first and second "delivery attempt" notices that UPS left on my door, they could not leave the wine at the front desk (as they do with other packages) because they needed to card me and prove I was 21.  Yesterday would be their third and final delivery attempt before returning it to the sender.  Given my slightly obsessive love for wine, I was not about to let THAT happen.  So, I got the blessing from my boss to work from home.  And long after the "10:30 to 2" estimated delivery window passed, there had been no knock at the door.  

I abandoned my grand plan, I did not shower, and I barely even had the tv on for fear I'd miss the UPS man.  I even opened the door a few times when I thought I'd heard commotion out there. By the time 4 rolled around, I was more than a little antsy.  When 6 arrived, I was plain mad. I called my mom to complain heartily, and she suggested calling UPS to see if they'd clue me in to the driver's predicted arrival time at my building.  Before I did that, I checked the tracking number one last time online.  

THE WINE HAD BEEN SITTING AT THE FRONT DESK SINCE 10 A.M.  I specifically worked from home and religiously waited for a knock, only for UPS to decide "heck with those 'we gotta card wine recipients' rules, I'm just gonna leave this at the front desk."  I was about ready to throw the wine out the window at this point. Except that I badly needed a glass or two. 

So I calmly collected the wine, set it inside my front door, and practically sprinted to Allie's (did I mentioned I had gotten antsy?).  We walked to Whole Foods for the final ingredients, then went back to her apartment to cook.  I made chile-garlic edamame to satiate our hunger while I started the sauce of sorts for the thai pork and noodles (with a substitute of shrimp for Lent compliance).  While I'm becoming more comfortable cooking, I'm definitely still a slow poke in the kitchen, and a messy one at that.  

Allie put her camera on the counter and set it to take one picture every thirty seconds, which creates a time lapse movie. The hilarious result is below.  It's me seemingly flying around her kitchen (taking the occasional cell phone/wine sipping break).  While I don't actually cook that spastically, it's not a huge hyperbole.  My favorite is how the movie ends. (I just realized you can't see enough detail to see why I like the ending so much--but basically I'm holding the bowl with the steaming noodles and shrimp and smiling in bewilderment like "oh I made this?")

ps-Allie and I both highly recommend both recipes. (Although I have made the executive decision that, from now on, I am mincing garlic regardless of what garlic-related action the recipe actually suggests, so may I advise you to make that tweak in both cases).  Allie even told me "the shrimp are beautifully cooked" and I had my own little Top Chef moment.  

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  1. I think this was my favorite of our recent cooking adventures!