Saturday, February 26, 2011

copy cat

It's no secret that my mom, sister, and I are major shoppers.  But we haven't yet driven ourselves into debt (unless there's something my parents aren't telling me) because my mom taught us from before I can remember that whatever it is you think you can't live without will eventually go on sale.  If you genuinely cannot stop thinking about it, then you're allowed to think about buying it full price. 

More recently, our refrain has become "you could totally make that."  I'm serious.  You spot it and covet it, my family can likely knock it off with a can of paint, some sandpaper, and an AC Moore coupon or two.  Case in point--I pretty much spent last weekend (with the parents' help) painting and crafting.  (See, for example, the before/after photos above of the bar towel turned cork board)   

So as I forked over just shy of $10 for a decent-but-nothing-special salad today, I thought "I could totally make this."  Logical progression, right?  If you can recreate a piece of furniture you saw for 3 times the price, why couldn't you do the same thing with the salad you get for lunch at least once a week?  I'm sure normal people who eat at home regularly have this thought ALL THE TIME.  

Well, consider me on the bandwagon, albeit a littttttle late.  Not only do I spend too much on eating out, I spend too much on mediocre food.  Don't get me wrong, DC has a myriad of really great restaurants, but I've had less than amazing food at some of them, and just plain bad food at the less than great places. I don't mind forking over a hefty sum for a great meal every once in a while, but I need to do it less often, and I need to be more selective.  

But I digress.  The point is, I'm slowly accumulating more reasons to look forward to this Lent project.  And the timing couldn't be more fortunate since Lent starts in less than 2 weeks.

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  1. I love DIYing simple meals like salads! I posted my favorite salad here a couple weeks ago:

    I love that you can add or subtract from salads so easily. Like I don't like raisins so when we make the Goat Cheese Salad I linked, mine doesn't have raisins but Wes' does.

    Oh and the best dressing for that salad is Newman's Sesame Ginger, which is coincidentally low-fat. Yummy!!