Tuesday, February 22, 2011

some kind of wonderful

First, go to youtube and look up the song referenced in the title ("Some Kind of Wonderful" by the Drifters).  I first heard it on the Dirty Dancing sound track, and have listened to it innumerable times since then, including my drive to/from home this past weekend.  

Ok, now that you've got the song in your head, envision it as the one-song playlist to my weekend.  Yes, it was THAT GREAT.  I spent significant quality time with my family (biological and acquired), and got so much done.  Pretty much all day yesterday was devoted to DIY projects.  aka I'm a very happy but very exhausted girl.

Which brings me to the picture of the bed above.  ISN'T IT GORGEOUS?  I've been coveting it for, oh, a year, maybe?  (people, I'm not joking when I say I'd live in the Anthropologie store if I could).  But since it is, in fact, from Anthropologie, it wasn't exactly in my conservative budget. Well, my parents had a present for me to open after Mom's birthday dinner and it was the tag from the bed!  Mom got a 15% off thing for her birthday, AND the bed was on sale, so they got it for me. Which is the best and briefest example of the non-stop selflessness of my awesome parents that I can give you right now, because now I'm going to go fall in to bed.  And sleep for days.  Or until 6am.  One of those.

(ps-yes, I realize this post includes NOTHING about food.  My bad.  I brought back a George Forman and some new towels for my kitchen.  There you go, nitpickers)  

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