Friday, April 6, 2012

(f)easter preview

Easter at the lake, circa 1994. So glamorous, I know. 
The idea of a Thursday happy hour is great, especially in the spring, I think. Slipping out of work a little early for a drink on a patio is one of my more favorite things to do when it gets warm. And I'm lucky in that I'm really happy with the group of friends I've made through work. My former offices in DC weren't as conducive to extra-office socializing, which has its benefits, of course. But I prefer the atmosphere in which there's always a group, or at least a person, to grab coffee, lunch, or a drink with at any given time.

No matter how nice the weather or the group at Thursday happy hour, I must say that the Friday post-happy hour reality is not always so great. Let's just say we were all a little slow to get going this morning, which sounds an awful lot like my complaints of exhaustion from last Friday. 

So while I have a great pesto recipe to tell you about, and a few cool kitchen-y links to share, I am just too darn lethargic to properly articulate either point. 

See, I've devoted all my (limited) energy today, and really for the past couple of days, to being so very excited for a new little tradition that my aforementioned work friends and I are starting this weekend. "(F)easter" dinner. It's a play on "Friendsgiving," which ended up being such a great experiment/adventure/success that Neha and I have been itching to throw another food-centric party (on a smaller scale, this time). We had a great holiday party in December, but decided to keep it simple on the food front, so we're long overdue now that it's April. 

This little dinner party just so happens to fall on Easter weekend, hence the (awful) pun. We're also celebrating one of our coworker's first trips back to the states after a long four months in Afghanistan. And indulging my odd and infrequent desire to cook a whole lot of time-intensive things. Win win win.

I won't spoil the surprise of what I'm cooking (most if it isn't new, sadly, but old favorites are favorites for a reason). I know you're on the edge of your seat, really. If you're at all interested in Italian food or a long overdue homemade ice cream recipe, check back next week!

For now, I'll leave you with one cool Easter related link. NPR's food blog published an article today on why Catholics don't eat meat, but can eat fish, on Fridays during Lent. Being a lifelong Catholic who does her best to observe that rule, I always was more than a little embarrassed when friends would ask me "why does that exist?" and I wouldn't be able to answer. But now I can!  

Happy "whatever you celebrate" this weekend! Family, I hope you're having a lovely time in Georgia without me for the holiday. Eat a waffle or two for me?     


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