Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Once again, I'm not feeling particularly nostalgic about anything. I suppose that has a lot to do with life being too hectic and complicated for wistfulness (or dishes or cohesive ensembles or home cooked meals or laundry or...) lately.  

So, in the absence of any of that business, I figured I might as well turn my attention to an often-forgotten list: kitchen covets. I'm going to preface this post with the firm statement that no, I do not have a drinking problem, I just happen to have had my eye on two alcohol-related kitchen items for a while now. Please do not call a)my mother, or b)Betty Ford after reading this. My mother would say "you go Jenny!" and Betty Ford would say "that girl is way too poor to detox on our terms."

Anyways, now that we've established that I'm not at all rehab-bound, may I present the first thing on my list of eventual "to buys." Whiskey rocks. I'm not a big liquor drinker (minus holiday season 2011, in which all I drank was straight liquor, but, that's another story for another blog), but when I drink it, I want nothing muddying it. Definitely not soda, but preferably not even ice. Enter whiskey rocks, which keep your liquor chilly, but unmarred by other liquids. And I find them strangely stylish in a rustic way. Heaven.

photo care of uncommon goods' site

Speaking of keeping alcohol cold, but undiluted, I find this little invention fascinating and amazing. It's a corkcicle. As in, a cork with a faux icicle attached. You fill the faux icicle with water and freeze the whole thing. Then, once you pop open a bottle of white wine and pour a few glasses, you put the corkcicle in place of a regular cork, and it keeps the wine chilly. For those of us who live in shoebox apartments short on space and/or just do not have the patience for a whole ice bucket getup, this is perfect! I think this would be the perfect addition to my Monday night dinners with Sophie (which will hopefully resume when the busiest two to three weeks of my life conclude on/about April 30), and it's at the top of my birthday wish list. 

photo care of uncommon goods' site

And now, I will stop talking about booze and go consume just a little bit of it at girls' night with the coworkers. Happy hump day, everyone. 

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